“It is essential that we realize that significant aspects of the battle over global issues will be fought on the field of language.”
—Maureen Ellis (2009)

Conference Organisers and Sponsors


The Language & Development Conferences can take place only with the help of organisations and institutions which are willing to undertake the planning and preparation of the events, the provision of financial support and the publication of the conference proceedings. So far, more than 30 different organisations have contributed to the Conferences; these are listed below. They include national Ministries of Education and host country universities as well as international agencies. Some of these organisations have supported more than one Language & Development Conference. The Trustees are extremely grateful for the support which has been received from all of these bodies.

2017, Dakar, Senegal

12th International Language and Development Conference: ‘Language and the Sustainable Development Goals’


2015, New Delhi, India

11th International Language and Development Conference: ‘Multilingualism and Development’


2013, Cape Town, South Africa

10th International Language and Development Conference: 'Opportunity, Equity, and Identity Beyond 2015'

2011, Colombo, Sri Lanka

9th Language & Development Conference : ‘Language & Social Cohesion’

2009, Dhaka, Bangladesh

8th Language & Development Conference : ‘Language and Development : Socio-Cultural Issues and Challenges’

2005, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

7th Language & Development Conference : ‘Language & Development’

2003, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

6th Language & Development Conference : ‘Linguistic Challenges to National Development & International Cooperation’

2001, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

5th Language & Development Conference : ‘Defining the Role of Language in Development’

    • IDP Education Australia, www.idp.com
    • Language Australia : The National Languages & Literacy Institute of Australia (no longer in existence)
    • Institute of Foreign Languages of the Royal University of Phnom Penh, www.rupp.edu.kh/ifl/
    • Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (IALF), Indonesia www.ialf.edu

1999, Hanoi, Vietnam

4th Language & Development Conference : ‘Partnership & Interaction in Language & Development’

    • Ministry of Education & Training, Vietnam, www.moet.gov.vn
    • CfBT (formerly Centre for British Teachers), Reading, UK, www.cfbt.com
    • Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, www.ait.ac.th

1997, Langkawi, Malaysia

3rd Language & Development Conference :‘Access, Empowerment, Opportunity’

1995, Bali, Indonesia

2nd Language & Development Conference : ‘Language & Communication in Development : Stakeholders’ Perspectives’

    • Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (IALF), Indonesia www.ialf.edu
    • Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, www.ait.ac.th
    • National Centre for English Language Teaching & Research (NCELTR), now replaced by Centre for Macquarie English (CME), Macquarie University, Australia, www.mq.edu.au
    • Australian Aid (AUSAID), www.dfat.gov.au

1993, Bangkok, Thailand

1st Language & Development Conference : ‘Language Programmes in Development Projects’